You can now export your IoT data to Google Analytics with Barracks

Google Analytics is the main Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tool. Hence, no wonder that most of IoT companies would like to collect and transmit their IoT devices data to Google Analytics to get insights on how their products are used and how hey could be enhanced.

But we know that this process can be complicated and scary, as it needs to be perfectly secure to keep the customers’ data safe during the whole transfer.

Good news for you: Barracks can do it, and in a completely secure way!

So, how does it work?

To export your IoT data into Google Analytics, just enter your Google tracking ID in your Account page on Barracks. The tracking ID can be found on your Google Analytics Admin page, in the “Property Settings” category.

And that’s it! Your devices data will automatically be sent to Google Analytics via Barracks.

Now, if you log into your Google Analytics account, you can see your devices and the number of times they have contacted Barracks in the Events section. But more importantly, you can analyze your devices data based on the CustomClientData that you entered in Barracks to divide your devices into relevant groups, labelled as Event category:

You have access to all the Google Analytics dashboards, such as the geographic location of your devices:


What about security?

With Barracks, your data and your customers data is safe from end to end of the process.

Barracks uses TLS protocol to encrypt all communications between your devices and Google Analytics. And to strengthen safety, only the device can contact Barracks, not the other way around.

What about now?

You can now safely analyze your IoT data with Google Analytics through Barracks! And more is coming: we are working on connecting your devices to more analytics tools.

Stay tuned 😉