Why Bluetooth 5 is good news for the IoT world?

Bluetooth and IoT make the pair

A large part of IoT projects involve Bluetooth. And that’s for a very simple reason: Bluetooth is a well known, stable, safe and efficient technology for wireless communication and data transfer. It became a standard of inter-device communication in 1999 and stayed very popular throughout the next 20 years.

In the B2C world, a lot of new connected devices use smartphones as gateways. They obviously use Bluetooth but in the last few years, a new usage has appeared: beacons. Beacons are simple Bluetooth Low Energy devices that act as simple wireless badges (or signatures). They are useful in triggering actions on the user devices when they are detected.

With the recent multiplication of usage and Bluetooth devices, a new version of the technology was needed: Bluetooth 5.

What’s new with Bluetooth 5?

Bluetooth 5 can transfer data up to 2 Mbps/s in a range of 240 meters with no increase in the amount of needed energy. That’s twice the speed and four time the range of the previous Bluetooth version. Moreover, it makes possible to transfer data from one device to many, which enables new scenarios including smart home IoT installations. It can also receive 255 bytes packets instead of 31 for the 4.2 Bluetooth. 

An other cool IoT-proof feature: Bluetooth 5 helps reducing potential interferences with other wireless technologies and ensures Bluetooth devices can coexist within this increasingly complex global IoT environment.

What about now? 

If you are prototyping, you should start using Bluetooth now to communicate with your IoT devices! Here are the most popular chipsets for using Bluetooth 5: 

We recently did an exemple of how you can manage and push content in a nRF52 board using Barracks and bluetooth 5! Check it out. You’ll see how easy it can be.