Using channels

Thanks to the “Devices” tab, you will be able to manage your devices through your channels. 

Every Barracks accounts comes with three distinct channels for your fleet: 

Production is your default channel. This means any new device will be enrolled into your Production channel. 
Each channel is like a separate fleet so when you are creating an update, it will only be delivered to channel you choose.

On the devices view, the board shows you the devices of your fleet arranged by channel. It indicates the name of the device, the most recent version ID and the date of the last update. 

Click on one device to see its history of updates. Barracks attaches great importance to keep track of every update published to your connected device so that you can be sure at any time that your fleet is correctly deployed.


You will be able to create as many channels as you need. Simply press the “+” button and create your own channel. Save your channel and use it.