Use case: Smart City – Traffic

Each city has different challenges regarding Traffic : congestion, road conditions, increased traffic, weather hazards…

Traffic management products manufacturers address these challenges with various products such as signal controllers, vehicle and pedestrian detection systems, data communication equipment, signal hardware, and many more. But how can they answer to the exact needs of their various clients?

Barracks allows to tackle the local specificities of end-customers, and give them the ability to choose what they want to do with ITS products.




An unexpected event occur on a road? With real-time MQTT messaging, the traffic manager can quickly take action through various devices: trafic lights, barriers, road signs… Or all at once ! Indeed, segmentation allows the end-customer to manage all different products at the same time. The right data is sent on the right device at the right moment.

In prevention of any incident and to ensure the right tracking of traffic, Over-The-Air updates ensure the devices receive the last version of their firmware to keep working correctly. This process enhance efficiency and safety of the traffic management devices.

But more than that, Barracks provides a tool to answer the exact needs of traffic managers. Want to count only the red bicycles passing by this traffic lights, but there is no device for that?  The Application Store is the answer! The traffic manager juste have to choose which application it want on its devices. Third-party developers can cooperate on this Application Store, making it a source of many more features for the devices. More than just clients, we want to build a community of users who create, share and grow together .

And because traffic data is critical to the future of our cities, Barracks collects it to let you analyse it via your favorite solution: Google BigQuery, Analytics…

Security, of course, is ensured from end to end of Barracks’ use. All communications are encrypted and packages contain digital signature. On-premises is also available for customers who do not want to run the software on the Cloud.