The end of Youtube Apps for « old » Smart TVs? Shame on you, manufacturers!

If you bought a Samsung SmartTV before 2013, you have been quite forced to give up the idea of watching a Youtube video on your TV application since June 30th.

The case is not new: it started as of 2015, when Google upgraded its Youtube API from version 2 to version 3, thereby depriving hundreds of Sony and Panasonic Blue-Ray TV users of any access to the video streaming platform. Let’s precise this upgrade is planified and predictible: the manufacturers know it will happen.

This time, the core idea remains the same: the Youtube applications for Samsung SmartTVs rely on Flash. Google has decided to cut off these Flash applications to switch to HTML5-based applications, which will bring more features. Yet, hundreds of Flash-based Youtube application users won’t be able to access it anymore with their « old » TVs.

There is a solution, though: buying a Chromecast or Android TV device to plug to the TV HDMI port. Yet, many users do not want to spend more money on a product they already paid high price for. They won’t be compensated either, because these changes are beyond the manufacturers’ will and control.

Dear Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio…: Why don’t you let the old applications running?

Updating them could seem uneasy and costly, but that’s why Barracks is here! We are an IoT platform which allows easy update of any connected devices, among others features. But more than that, we created an “Application Store”: your customers can choose which version of each application they want on their connected object. In this way, the right data (software or messages) is alway sent to the right devices, and your customers’ needs are perfectly fulfilled!

Many users only use the Youtube application on their smart TVs. Hence, you shouldn’t let smart TVs costing thousands of dollars be obsolete after only 4 years of use. By acting this way, you let your customers’ satisfaction erode, and you may lose them. I’m not only speaking about TVs, but about all the appliances you may want to sell them: phones, headphones, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, vacuums, lamps… Worth a little update, isn’t it?