Say hello to our new features: IoT Application Management, messaging and data collection

Today we are proud to announce the release of a new version of Barracks’ device and application management platform that will help you achieve more with your devices. Over the past few months, we designed a whole new set of features to match your business needs.

Making the most out of your connected devices and machines has never been easier! Indeed, Barracks now includes:


Barracks’ cloud creates a bridge between you and your devices, enabling you to communicate in real-time with them through secure protocols such as MQTT and TLS.

Thus, you can gather any information from your devices, but also send them action guidelines for instance, and receive receipt confirmations from each device.

And you can try messaging whenever you want: Barracks is offering you 1 million messages per month for free!

Data collection

From technical logs to custom data related to your business, collect any information from your devices and plug it to your favorite analytics platform via Barracks, whether you want to use an in-house or third-party solution.

Third-party integration is already available with Google Analytics and Google Big Query, and more are coming on a regular basis to fit with your needs!

Application management

Up-to-date firmwares and applications are crucial to a good customer experience.

At Barracks, we want to help you take this challenge with the easy automation of over-the-air software distribution. Thanks to dynamic segmentation and deployment plans, you are guaranteed to deliver the right firmware or application version to the right device at the right moment, anywhere in the field.



Interested by any of these features? Do not hesitate to reach out!