Questions & Answers

Can I plug my [INSERT FAMOUS SAAS TOOL HERE] to Barracks?

Yes. We have a policy of open in & out API. You know your business better than we do so we don’t want to become that ugly tool (even if Barracks is pretty sexy) that does everything and sits in the middle of your company’s IT solution.

I don’t find a compatible client for my platform in your list. How can I use Barracks?

If you’re device has no compatible¬†Barracks client and you want it to update directly (not via your client’s smartphone), you can do two things:

  • Create your client based on our open source existing clients
  • Contact us and insult us for not being ready for one of the best IoT platform of all times. We might prioritize your platform in our roadmap

Can I leave Barracks when I want? What happens to my devices?

Yes, you can leave whenever you want. We’ll be sad but we want to make it easy for you. Simply unsubscribe, switch your sub-domain redirection to your own system and it’s done, you’re on yourself, we’re sad.

Why do I need Barracks for?

Barracks is your best friend. Barracks allows you to

  • ship earlier
  • focus more on what deliver value to your consumers
  • make your product more reliable
  • update easier
  • adapt to competition faster

Is Barracks compatible with my corporate logins?

Not yet. However we’re planning to be compatible with Google Apps & Microsoft logins

Can Barracks push different versions of my firmware depending on [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS RULES HERE]?

Hell yes! Adressing your market segmentation is our speciality. You can do that by editing your own business rules or picking one ouf our presets.