The end of Youtube Apps for « old » Smart TVs? Shame on you, manufacturers!

You can now export your IoT data to Google Analytics with Barracks

Google Analytics is the main Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools.
Hence, no wonder why most of IoT manufacturers would like to collect and transmit their IoT devices' data to Google Analytics to get insights on how their products are used and how they could be enhanced. But we know that this process needs to be perfectly secure to keep consumers data safe during the whole transfer.

Good news for you: Barracks can do it, and in a completely secure way!

Say hello to our new features: IoT Application Management, messaging and data collection

Today we are proud to announce the release of a new version of Barracks’ device and application management platform that will help you achieve more with your devices. Over the past few months, we designed a whole new set of features to match your business needs.

Making the most out of your connected devices and machines has never been easier! Indeed, Barracks now includes:
- Messaging
- Data collection
- Application management

Dealing with IoT products on the long run

Not a single month passes without an IoT related scandal. The rate of IoT scandal is so crazy that, yes, it looks like the whole thing is doomed.
But it’s not. We simply need to figure a very simple thing:

Hardware is just a conduit for the embedded software

Use Barracks with your Raspberry Pi Zero W

Let's see how you can create, manage and deploy updates on your Raspberry Pi Zero using Barracks!
Here are a few steps to integrate the Barracks client into your Raspberry Pi. You will just need an SD card, a free Barracks account, and, oh ... a Raspberry Pi! (model Zero W in our case).

Why Bluetooth 5 is good news for the IoT world?

Bluetooth and IoT make the pair

A large part of IoT projects involve Bluetooth. And that's for a very simple reason: Bluetooth is a well known, stable, safe and efficient technology for wireless communication and data transfer. It became a standard of inter-device communication in 1999 and stayed very popular throughout the next 20 years.

Criteria-based segmentation, how does it work?

Barracks' team is proud to announce that we just deployed a new version of Barracks. This version is a great step forward for a more flexible and more complete segmentation.

Before today, you had the ability to create and manage channels where you would manually move your devices.

Today, we are introducing Segments, a better way to manage and segment your devices.

Segments are a little bit like the good old channels except they're based on data from the devices so that the segmentation can be triggered almost without human intervention.

Make your nRF52 device OTA capable with Barracks in 10 minutes

The nRF52 chipset from Nordic Semiconductor is pretty popular among makers and IoT companies.

It's an efficient chipset for Bluetooth Low Energy communications and one of the Bluetooth 5 enabled few mass production chip on the market. But how easy is it to plug it to Barracks?

The true cost of not updating your devices

most problems are now ahead and will appear as consumers receive your product. Here's a comprehensive list of the biggest problems you'll have: defect hardware, firmware bugs, connectivity problems, instructions not clear enough for customers, security (and privacy) breaches [...]