Benefits of using Barracks for hardware makers

Leverage an ecosystem

Let your products be the heart of a rich ecosystem of companies and developers. With Barracks, you can, without any additionnal work, publish standardised APIs so that your clients, your partners or third party companies and developpers can build integrations and services that add value to your product and make it more attractive for your clients.

Scale up painless

Survival by accident isn’t something we should be proud of. Scaling has to be tackled down upfront. With Barracks. you can dramatically accelerate time-to-market for IoT projects and avoid the pain associated with building on legacy systems or from scratch.

Build secure

Lower your risk by guaranteeing scalability and maintainability on a proven secure platform designed for companies. All comunications are encrypted, and we provide data integrity and non-repudiability. 

Widen your horizon

Enable innovation by opening to a broad and large ecosystem able to adapt new use cases to your hardware. With comapnies and developpers adding integrations and services to your hardware, your product will meet new markets and customers.